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Bowden Property Consulting Services

  • Project Management
    Project Management
    For all projects, large and small, we can offer a full management service. We can take a project form conception to reality, and include all contractor and sub-contractor liaison, cost control, supervision and administration of the contract to ensure that our clients receive an end product with which they are completely satisfied.
  • Building Surveys
    Building Surveys
    Bowden Property Consulting undertake building surveys of residential and commercial property. This includes pre-acquisition surveys to establish a condition and identify defects prior to purchasing a property and surveys/inspections to establish the cause and remedies for defects in premises already owned and occupied.
  • Specifications and Schedules of Work
    Specifications and Schedules of Work
    Whether the project be large or small we will prepare specifications and schedules of work for our clients ensuring that their requirements are accurately met. We have experience in all types of contract procurement from small works through to design and build and so can advise our clients on the whole process through to tendering.
  • Party Walls
    Party Walls
    Bowden Property Consulting are experienced in undertaking all services that our clients require to comply with the Party Wall (etc) Act 1996. We provide representation both as Building Owner’s and Adjoining Owner’s surveyor on projects of any size and complexity.
  • Defects Analysis
    Defects Analysis
    We provide analysis of defects in both commercial and residential properties for our clients. We represent many Managing Agents and private clients in inspecting defects such as dampness and structural defects in their property portfolios. We also provide advice on how best to resolve the defects inspected and can arrange for contractors to undertake all required works, including, where necessary, specialist contractors.
  • Cost Control
    Cost Control
    Cost control of a project, before, during and after a development is most important to ensure that profitability is maximized. Ensuring that monies are being spent according to a brief and a specification, and in addition that bank or private funding streams are efficient and professionally managed assists our clients in making the most from their investments.
  • Site Finding and Sourcing
    Site Finding and Sourcing
    We have a wide network of contacts with agents and other property professionals throughout the UK and Europe and can bring deals to our clients, specific to the markets that they operate in. In addition should a client be seeking a specific property in a specific location we can research the area and source appropriate opportunities for them.

    In addition, once a site is identified we can, if required, negotiate on the part of our client in securing its purchase.
  • Development Finance
    Development Finance
    We can provide advice on, organise and arrange development finance for our clients. Through our contacts with traditional banking organizations and private funds, companies and high net worth individuals we can provide a package of funding that enables our clients flexibility of choice in deciding how best to fund a development. This funding can include 100% finance, including the necessary mezzanine and bridging finance in appropriate.

    The flexibility of this means that we can help to arrange funding for schemes of any size.
  • Architectural Illustrations and Artist's Impressions
    Architectural Illustrations & Artist's Impressions
    For projects where it is important to see the look of a finished development then we are able to carry out a variety of different architectural illustration and artist impression solutions. These range from photo manipulation of existing buildings to reflect the changes right though to photo realistic 3 dimensional computer renderings with walk through of the desired project.
  • Land Surveys
    Land Surveys
    Land and level surveys can be undertaken on all sites to help our clients establish the development potential, design and feasibility of a scheme.
  • Quantity Surveying
    Quantity Surveying
    We undertake a full range of QS services including budgets, cost plans, bills of quantities and project valuation.
  • Property Management
    Property Management
    Whilst we do not act as managing agents, we have a great deal of experience in assisting managing agents in specifying and managing external and internal maintenance and service charge works, and undertaking planned maintenance schedules for future budget costing purposes.
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  • Contract Administration
    Contract Administration
    Our experience in administering contracts means that we can oversee and administer contracts that involve a main contractor employing their own sub-contractors. We oversee the day to day operations on site and ensure that the works are being properly and professionally undertaken and in the process protect our client's interests.
  • Project Monitoring
    Project Monitoring
    For our institutional clients, who require satisfaction that investment in the development of a site is being efficiently and properly controlled we provide a project monitoring service in which we report back to the client on cost and technical issues. We ensure that the works are in accordance with planning, building regulations, NHBC etc. as appropriate and that the valuations being applied for are in line with progress and programme.
  • Employer's Agent
    Employer's Agent
    Where a client wishes to have the security of a design and build contract, we can act on their behalf as Employer's Agent. In this role we act for the client in ensuring that the design is in accordance with our client's requirements and specification and that all aspects of their project are covered within the design. We also then follow our services through to completion of the build process to make sure that the design is followed and that our client receives a finished building with which they are proud.
  • Schedules of Dilapidations
    Schedules of Dilapidations
    Schedules of dilapidations may be applicable where a building is let to a tenant and where the lease is either terminated or due to come to an end. The owner of a property may be entitled to claim for works required under the lease that the tenant has not carried out, and where they are obliged to. We will establish whether a schedule is required and guide the property owner or the tenant through the process with clear advice on the lease terms, repairing covenants and obligations or rights within the documentation.
  • Feasibility and Development Appraisals
    Feasibility and Development Appraisals
    In addition to planning, during the process of establishing the best use of a site consideration needs to also be given to the cost factors involved with each possible scheme. Through our experience we can undertake feasibility and development appraisals to establish site costs, construction costs, professional fees, planning costs and interest costs. Through this process we can also undertake residual valuations to provide our clients to advise them what a site may be worth should they be considering a purchase offer.
  • Planning and Development Advice
    Planning and Development Advice
    Robert Bowden has been involved in development for many years, working for developers and assisting them in the process of realising the maximum value of their asset.
    The initial stage, once a site has been identified, is to assist our clients in establishing the best use of the site through our experience in planning and development and through our network of contacts establish the market conditions to ensure maximum development profitability.
    If necessary we can bring planning consultants, political lobbyists and other experts on to our team should it be particularly complicated or controversial.
  • Architectural Design
    Architectural Design
    Our architectural technicians can provide traditionally draughted existing and proposed drawings and schemes for new developments.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    Through our experience with computer aided design (CAD), digitally prepared drawings can be produced. This is particularly of assistance to our clients who are developing their schemes and who regularly wish to change the design, or adapt it depending upon external factors such as planning and the fluctuations in a marketplace. It also enables simple transfer of information between our team of consultants via e-mail, with changes and adaptations, which ensures total accuracy of the documentation being generated.
  • Valuations
    We can provide valuations for funding purposes for financial institutions and also provide valuations for clients wishing to purchase land or buildings and needing to establish the market value of the site prior to making an offer or undertaking a financial appraisal.
  • Measured Surveys
    Measured Surveys
    With our experience with traditional draughting and CAD we can undertake measured surveys ensuring total accuracy and provide a product that meets our client's exacting standards.
  • Brownfield & Contaminated Land
    Brownfield & Contaminated Land
    We can advise on the redevelopment of Brownfield sites, including those with an adverse past use, or those contaminated by a previous occupier. Robert Bowden has experience in dealing with the environment agency on contaminated land and specialist consultants. We can also arrange desk top studies and intrusive site investigations if necessary to establish the presence of contamination.
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